At a Glance


  • World's largest simultaneous deployment of FOSS(Free and Open Sourse Software) based ICT education
  • Capacity building of the teaching and the learning community
  • ICT Infrastructure Upgradation of schools
  • High speed Broadband internet connectivity to all schools in the state
  • Hardware Clinics- first of its kind to repair damaged computers at schools
  • Unique scheme for electrification of classrooms to fuel ICT enabled education.
  • ICT based Content Development for teachers and students
  • E-Governance Initiatives in General Education department
  • School Wiki – to promote collaborative content development

  • EDUSAT initiatives in the state including ViCTERS educational channel

  • The target group of IT@School Project is the dynamic group of students, teacher and parents, but primarily the Students.IT@School has proven that ICT enabled education could be implemented in the state in a phased manner which would benefits millions of student populace. A breakup of the target population is as below;
    • Over 12,000 schools
    • About 60 lakh students
    • About 2 lakh teachers

2000 – A task force was formulated headed by Prof.U.R.Rao& the Vision Document was submitted.
2001 – IT@School Project was established and IT campaigns were conducted statewide
2002 – Network of Master trainers and School IT Co-ordinators were formed and Teacher empowerment programmes started. 
2003 – IT became a Compulsory subject in State Curriculum, IT practical exams undertaken.
2004 – District Resource Centers of the Project were setup and IT enabled contents developed.
2005 – IT@School Linux was developed so was the launch of EDUSAT ViCTERS network.
2006 – Complete shift to Free Software, Handbooks and supplements developed.
2007 – IT practical exam were conducted entirely on FOSS.
2008 – (1) Broadband connectivity was provided to all schools in the state
           (2) Piloting of ICT enabled education from IT education commenced
           (3) Laptops were issued to all schools in the state
           (4) IT@School was selected as the nodal agency for all e-governance initiatives within Department of  General  Education
           (5) IT@School Project enabled a complete FOSS implementation within the Education department
 2009 –(1) The shift to ICT enabled education was at pace
           (2) VICTERS educational channel was made available in all local cable networks
           (3) Electrification of classrooms was initiated by the Project
           (4) IT@School Project was expanded to Upper Primary and Higher Secondary sections
2010 – (1) Complete implementation of ICT enabled education in the state commences.
           (2)School Wiki was launched by the Project
           (3) Model ICT schools with Smart Classrooms are being implemented statewide.
           (4) Training for over 28,000 Student School IT Co-ordinators was undertaken

2011- HarithaVidhayalam Educational Reality Show- first of its kind in the country.
2012- IT theory exam in Highschools also integrated into software.
          - SSLC Exam and Career specific content developed for VICTERS.
2013- Hardware Training for Vocational Higher Secondary students
2014- Multimedia rooms and Smart boards to 748 schools and Upgradation of VICTERS channel from Analouge to      
Digital transmission.
2015- VPNoBB connection provided to 1390 schools.
2016- Pilot implementation of Hi-Tech school programme in the State.
       -    Broadband connectivity to all LP and UP schools
       -    SchoolWiki re-launched
       -    Massive training for Student School IT Co-ordinators

Name of the Project

Proponent Organization



IT@School Project

Department of General Education, Government of Kerala

Implementation State



Vision and objectives


To create a IT literate community

To improve the quality of education via latest ICT technology

Improve the effectiveness of the entire department through proper e-governance mechanism

Training to teachers in latest ICT innovations

Target Population


About 1.2 lakh teachers and more than 30 lakh students in Kerala

Details  of Contact Person



Executive Director

     Organization & Address


IT@School project,  Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram,

Kerala, INDIA. Pin code: - 695012

     Phone number



     Fax number





Minister For  Education

Prof C Ravindranath 









General Education Department

Shri. A. Shajahan IAS


0471-2331509, 2518997






Director of Public Instruction

Sri.K.V.Mohankumar IAS


0471-2325106,0471-2324601,Fax: 0471-2325106




Abdu Rabb


Vice Chairman & Executive Director KITE( IT@School Project)

Sri.K Anvar Sadhath


0471-2529800 Fax: 0471-2529810