Leveraging IT to make major inroads towards bridging the divide by putting in place an enabling environment has seen a qualitative shift in the implementation IT education initiatives.

√  Government made IT, a compulsory subject in school curriculum and provided schools across the state with 50000 computers .
√  World’s largest Simultaneous deployment of FOSS(Free and Open Software Systems)  initiatives in Education sector.
√  The first State to conduct compulsory IT Theory and Practical examination in SSLC examination (4.72 lakh children)
√  Nearly 16 lakh students per year benefited in acquiring the IT skills. The IT practical examination in free software for about 15 lakh students, first of this kind in the world.
√  Manpower includes 200 Master Trainers and about 5600 IT Coordinators  to attend to the IT needs of schools.
√  Training imparted to all high school teachers and 90,000 teachers trained in IT.
√  IT Mela 2008 conducted entirely on free software platform was introduced to encourage IT initiatives among students and teachers.
√  Winner of National e-governance Award for the Best Project and also the winner of World is Open Award 2008